20 October

If you don’t want to frustrate those who depend on you, then know that you will have to depend on God.

19 October

Being wholeheartedly, with one direction, no regrets or reservations, is what complete sacrifice takes to enable you to pass through the door of realization.

18 October

Shyness has been a deadly weapon to wipe out goals; confront your fears, traumas, complexes, people, circumstances and you will be a fulfilled person.

17 October

God does not give, He gives back, and He gives back to Him who sacrifices.

16 October

Why aren’t children sometimes afraid of facing a room full of strangers? Because you haven’t had time to learn to be afraid, this is the answer!

15 October

The battery that starts the engine of your life is hope. Don’t forget to recharge it, because if it dies, your aim dies too.

14 October

Open-minded people have projects, the rest just have a dreamy mind.