Category: Thoughts

17 November

Live your goals and you can change the world around you.

16 November

As much as your heart is hurt, keep it clean.

15 November

The spirit of negativity is the soul of doubt.

14 November

Your job is to discover your talent and then dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to achieving the desired success.

13 November

If you do not know which port you are heading to, no wind will be favorable to you.

12 November

If you apply your strength to nurture the positive energy within you instead of nurturing negative thoughts, you will be a 100% fulfilled person.

10 November

My knowledge can only benefit me when I practice it.

9 November

When we win souls we are saving ours as well.

8 November

Do not be afraid to walk unknown paths, but not to know if they will lead you to reach your goals.