Through thoughts and through his conviction, Julio Freitas has led millions of people to conquer the best that life has to offer. He has always defended these ideals in his daily journey that has led him through many countries where he has taught that managing priorities, being balanced, and living a good-quality life are key to lasting success.

With over 21 years of experience in marriage, financial and spiritual counselling, Julio Freitas is a public speaker, panellist, radio presenter and lecturer who has resided in countries in South America, USA, Africa, the Middle East and several countries in Europe. He has also lectured in dozens of other countries around the world.

On the radio, he presents the program “Família Unida” (United Family), aired in Lisbon and all of Portugal, including Madeira and Azores, on 95FM, Record FM, Gaia FM, Liz FM and other radio stations.

He was also the creator and host, of the program “6º Sentido” (Sixth Sense), aired on cable tv in Portugal, Madeira, Azores and throughout Europe via Astra and Hispasat. It is through media outlets such as these that the messages of conviction, that have changed the lives of millions worldwide, are spread.

One of the latest projects, created by Julio Freitas, with all internet users in mind, was Rádio Positiva (Positive Radio), an online radio station, which everyone can access and listen to continuously, 24 hours a day. With a varied programming style – including songs with a positive and enlightening message – “Positiva” is a testament of his passage through Portugal as it is the materialization of a personal project as anyone, anywhere in the World, is able to connect to it!

Iurd.pt, the official website of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Portugal, which has received up to 8,000 visits per day, from different computers, was also created and is coordinated by him, along with the 24hr Helpine “Amigo24h”. Amigo24hr has supported and provided counselling on various issues, to over 500.000 people in Portugal since it’s creation.

In addition, Julio Freitas is also the mentor and coordinator of publications such as the magazine “A Minha Oportunidade” (My Opportunity) and “IURD News” which together, in total, publish 130,000 copies that serve to inform the general population of the social work developed by the UCKG HelpCentre. These publications have shown the importance and relevance of the work that has been conducted among people young and old, in all levels of society in Portugal and in Europe, especially among the most disadvantaged.

“If your determination to succeed is strong enough, the many obstacles you face will never come as a surprise.”

Born in Bahia (Brazil), on February 11, 1973.

At age 15, he had his encounter with God. On December 24, 1988, about a year later, he was raised as a pastor and from that moment on devoted himself entirely to God’s work.

He got married on July 25, 1992 and, seven years later, in April 1999, was consecrated as a bishop.

Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, United States, Spain and England are some of the countries where his ministry has taken him.

Currently residing in Portugal, when asked about the plans outlined for the growth of God’s work in the country, he makes it clear that they have already been outlined by the Lord Jesus from the beginning, when He said: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature”. This involves catering for the needs of those who visit the HelpCentre, the new comers and also the members. To guide people to have a personal encounter with God and, in the long term, rebuke, exhort and encourage all to remain steadfast in His Hands and to serve Him until death.

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  1. Comment by BERNARD

    BERNARD Reply November 5, 2016 at 8:22

    Thanks Bishop for sharing with us your Biography and passion you’ve of serving GOD,the love of wining souls to the kingdom of GOD,I congratulate you Bishop for honouring your calling of “Going into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” GOD bless you and your Ministry.

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