26 april

Revolt is a weapon, when used in your favor it brings the solution.

25 april

God does not arrive before or after the appointed time, for it was He who marked the hour, the day, the month, and the year.

24 april

If you do not want to be frustrated, set your biggest dream.

23 april

Life is a mission where only those who do not give up on their goals live with purpose.

22 april

Problems reveal to humans at what level they are.

21 april

Who can you count on? With your courage and motivation!

20 april

Dedication brings us closer to our goals, but only sacrifice enables us to achieve them

19 april

The greater your goal, the greater your dedication to it.

18 april

Do not waste time in pursuit of achievement in books or temples, the realization lies within you, in the choice between sacrificing or not!

17 april

Generally, small opportunities are the beginning of great achievements

31 March

The end of all things is only happy when we achieve our goals

30 March

There is no greater pleasure than the permanent pleasure we feel when we achieve our goals

29 March

The human being has the ability to learn from the frustrations of the present, to achieve their goals in the future

28 March

It is impossible to get lost in the darkness of difficulties, when our purpose enlightens us and others

27 March

Life has a code that opens doors and it is: consistency in ones goals!

26 March

Those who improve in what they do, will achieve goals that will fulfill them

25 March

A cloudy morning does not mean that your day will be bad

24 March

The measure of life is not its duration, but its bestowa

22 March

No matter how much your heart hurts, keep it clean

15 february

Be true to yourself and answer this question: have I given 100% of myself to achieve my goals?

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