31 October

If you don’t want to be frustrated, set your biggest dream.

29 October

The hero draws strength from weakness, faces the impossible and WINS because he is willing to sacrifice.

28 October

Don’t see big problems as big threats, but as big enough to hit them.

27 October

Don’t waste time watching others’ goals, because you can’t reach them, invest in yours and you won’t be jealous of anyone.

26 October

Knowing our limits is good, but better is to push them beyond to feel fulfilled.

25 October

Great thinkers only inspire great thinkers, but great attitudes teach everyone.

24 October

Positives get rid of all unwanted baggage, such as: pessimism, anxiety, fear, sadness or lack of confidence; focusing clearly and optimistically on achieving their goals.

23 October

There is pleasure in receiving something, but there is immense pleasure only when a goal is achieved.