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4 de December 2019


5th “I NEVER DONE!” (Exodus 4:10)

Moses told God that neither before nor when He spoke to him was he an eloquent man. That is, Moses had never been an accomplished man, even though he had been a pharaoh’s grandson, trained in the temple of the sun, prepared to be an authority of the royal family. Even when he discovered his Hebrew identity and saw one of the Hebrew slaves being mistreated, wanting to do justice with his own hands, killed an Egyptian and was eventually sentenced to death by his royal family (Egyptians), he was also rejected, including his own family. of blood (Hebrews). That is, at 40, Moses was far from being an accomplished man, as he was at 80, the age with which God appeared to him on Mount Sinai!
The same excuse is still used by so many people today, who claim they were never performed in childhood, youth or adults, believing it is already too late for that, because they are now 50, 70 years old … and there is no way be performed. But just as the Lord Jesus said, “Everything is possible to him that believeth!” (Mark 9:23) and it is He who places in us both will and accomplishment (Phil. 2:13).
Moses wondered if he had achieved fulfillment in the palace as a prince, how would he achieve it in the middle of the desert, in the midst of apparent ‘nothing’? Not even a flock he had, no plan for the future, no goals, in fact, he was discredited with himself and everything else, so he made excuses for God.
“The young are weary and weary, and the weary lads fall down, but they that wait upon the LORD renew their strength, they lift up like eagles, they run and do not tire, they walk and are not wearied.” (Isaiah 40)
Is that you? It has never been realized and you do not believe it could be?

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