The 7 Principles of Success with God

18 de December 2019

The 7 Principles of Success with God

1st Go up , progress, conquer to stay with God, glorify Him and not to boast about yourself, appear to others …, not for your pleasure but for God [ Come Up to Me …];
What is your real goal in rising in life …?

2nd Go to the Altar , this Place is of renunciation, sacrifice, surrender, marriage … and God Asks us to think of the Mount, to look to Him as the Special Place of Meeting with Him, to go there, to to be alone with Him … [ Ascend Me …];
Where have you been going …?

3th Be patient , take your time, God, as Creator, knows that we human beings are impatient, immediate, anxious, but in order to have personal experiences with Him, to mature, we need to stay where He wants us to be on the Altar. .. [Stay there…]
“Where you want to be, on the Altar or elsewhere”

4th God Wants to Give Us — Reveal more important things we can imagine [Not just meeting current needs …], but supernatural, spiritual, and Eternal, but for that we need to be able to receive them. esteem …], God can only give to those who obey Him [I will give you… ].

You are expecting to receive from someone or from God…?

5th Do not erase It is very easy to forget things in general, but the Things of God, we can never forget. For this reason, God Wrote His Commandments on Stone Tablets, precisely so that the weather, rain, fire, wind, heat, cold … never erase them.
Do not allow worries, goals, life anxieties, problems or disappointments to make you forget the Written by the Finger of God. [Stone boards…]
“You have allowed the Holy Spirit to write His Teachings on the tablet of your heart …”

6th Be protected We all need physical protection, but the most important is Spiritual Protection, which only God can give us inside, outside and around us… Without security there is no peace, without peace there is no happiness, joy, confidence… And God knowing this fundamental need, He gave us His Perfect Law and Commandments [and the Law, and the Commandments I wrote …]
When we do not submit to God’s Laws and Commandments, we are spiritually, emotionally, and physically unprotected.
QueIn what law and commandments have you believed, accepted, and been subjected…? Do not forget that God’s Laws bring security, peace, and joy.

7th Learn Right Only God can teach us exactly how to live by faith, so that we are the best of ourselves as husbands, parents, children, brothers, friends, citizens… For this reason, He makes a point of personally teaching us through Person of the Holy Spirit how to practice His Law and Commandments.
All of this for our own general well-being.

“Who has taught you and what you have learned …”

“Then said the Lord unto Moses,
Come to Me,
• to the mount,
• and stay there;
• I will give you
stone boards,
• and the Law, and the Commandments I wrote,
to teach them
(Exodus 12:12)

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