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21 de April 2020


A Pastor from a small village, the church arrived excited and motivated to hold another evening service, the hour passed and the people did not arrive.

After 15 minutes of delay three children entered, after 20 minutes two young people entered, then the Pastor decided to start the service with the five people.

During the service a couple entered and sat in the last seats of the church.

When the Pastor was reading the Bible for the evening preaching, another dirty man entered with a rope in his hand.

Even though he was disappointed without understanding why the people failed, he conducted the service with enthusiasm and preached with dedication and zeal.

When he returned to the house, he was assaulted and beaten by two thieves, who took his briefcase with his Bible and other valuables.

While his wife bandaged the wounds at home, he described that day as:

– The saddest day of your life.
– The most failed day of your ministry.
– The most fruitless day of your career in faith.

After five years have passed, the Pastor decides to share this story for the church, when he finished telling the story a couple of great reference in that Church interrupts the pastor and say: “Pastor that couple in the story that sat at the bottom was us.

We were on the verge of divorce due to various problems and disagreements that were in our home, that night we decided to end our marriage, but first we decided to enter a church and leave our alliances there and then each one go on their way, but we gave up the divorce after we heard the pastor preaching that night, today we are here with home and family restored.

While the couple was talking, one of the successful entrepreneurs who helped support that church waved for an opportunity to speak and said: “Pastor, I am that man who came in dirty with a rope in his hand.
I was on the verge of bankruptcy, lost on drugs, my wife and children had left home because of my assaults. That night I tried suicide, only the rope broke, when I was going to buy another rope, I saw the church open, I decided to go in really dirty with the rope in my hand.
That night the message pierced my heart, changed my mind and I left here to live.
Today I am drug free, except, my family returned home and I became the biggest businessman in the village.

There, at the entrance door, the worker who received the people shouted: “Pastor, I was one of those thieves who assaulted you, the other died that same night when we carried out the second assault of the night.
In the Pastor’s folder there was a Bible, I started to read when I woke up in the morning, then I decided to enter this Church.

The pastor was shocked and started to cry together with the Church, after all that night that he considered a night of failure, was a very productive night.


1- Perform your call with dedication and zeal regardless of the number of participants.

2- Give your best every day, because each day you are an instrument for someone’s life.

3- In the worst days of your life, you can still be a blessing in someone’s life.

4- The day that you consider to be the most fruitless day of your life on earth, is actually the most productive day in the spirit world.

5- God uses the bad circumstances of life to produce great victories.

6- Never say: Today God did nothing, just because your eyes did not see

– Unknown author

BJF thought:
“God will start His part, when you finish yours”

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