Purify me

23 de October 2018

When all those who take part in the Work of God, understand the Spirit of a conscious Faith, revolted against all evil, then, our faith will become more transparent and then, will we have more real life cases of people that will resurrect from the dead( diseases, addictions, misery, violence, trauma, insecurities, grudges, idolatry, witchcraft, disbelief, evil…) from all nations, with the Living Message of the One and Only living God.

Then, everyone will know that our God is the Only one, and in this manner will Evangelize, Save, revolutionize millions of lives; we will “drag” from the trenches of hell and will rip away those who are still trapped in satan’s grasp, because we will have nothing to stain our pure faith, with the goal to Manifest the Glory of the Lord God!

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